We Are Condominium Specialists!

ListeningStick Dynamics provides Capital Reserve Studies, Document Review and Consulting Services

Historically, the Talking Stick was a powerful communication tool used in meetings and ceremonies. The revered stick was passed around to individuals at these events.  The holder was then given the respect and attention by those in attendance to speak, and fully explain their thoughts and ideas without interruption.
At ListeningStick Dynamics we extend that reverence to you, our client. Our team of professionals are here to listen to and cultivate your thoughts. With our knowledge and experience, we will work jointly with you to best achieve your desired resolution.

The Condominium Lifestyle

Condominiums come in many shapes, configurations and styles and are a lifestyle choice. By deciding to live in a condominium, you will have a privately owned unit located within the confines of the condominium property. You become a shareholder in that corporation which has its own set of bylaws, procedures and policies. 

The corporation will be responsible for the care and maintenance of the common and managed property, and you will be required to financially contribute to the associated costs of all expenses. As a shareholder you will have the opportunity to participate in the business of the corporation, attend the Annual General Meeting and run to be an elected director on the condominium corporation's Board of Directors.

The services provided by ListeningStick Dynamics have been created to help you ensure your lifestyle choice is a positive experience and an excellent decision. This is your house, your home and for many, your biggest investment.

What We Offer:

Reserve Fund Studies

A Capital Replacement Reserve Study and annual report are mandated by law to ensure your condominium meets and maintains the “sufficiency” requirement to fund needed repairs and replacements (roofing, siding, carpet, painting etc.) in the common and managed areas. Our Certified Reserve Planner can provide approved studies and annual reports.
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Condominium Document Review

When purchasing a condominium, it is important to have knowledge of the health, operation and policies of the Condominium Corporation. Our team of experts will review the documents provided and deliver an opinion and information relating to your potential investment.
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Condominium Consulting Services

The world of condominium living is constantly evolving. From bylaws, to policies changes, to the Condominium Property Act and insurance coverage, community living can create some hurdles. Our experienced team members have worked with both boards and residents to find solutions for many different situations and challenges.
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Ron Stonier CPM®, CRP

Ron Stonier, the owner of ListeningStick Dynamics is distinctive in his training as he is both a Certified Property Manager and a Certified Reserve Planner. Most recently, Ron was a senior manager at a large Calgary based property management firm. For 10 years, he worked with a diverse portfolio that included residential, mixed use and commercial condominium properties throughout southern Alberta. Ron built a reputation for excellent hands-on service and as a problem solver.

Prior to beginning his second career in condominium property management, Ron owned and operated a charter motor coach company for 15 years. This company provided services for guests on a regional, provincial and international basis. Operating a fleet of up to 20 vehicles, Ron learned to appreciate the importance of preventive maintenance, sound financial planning and excellent communication.

During his prior contract as an Economic Development Officer, Ron was a team lead for lease negotiations including a major casino resort development and preliminary plans for a new community of 5500 residents. One of his most appreciated skills was the ability to bring together the community in finding solutions to evolving residential challenges and concerns.

Ron also has a thirst for knowledge and has recently completed course in mediation, property management, and evaluation. Staying current with provincial legislation, insurance rules and court rulings is an integral part of his knowledge. In his personal time he enjoys hiking and paddling in the mountains, as well as catching up on his favourite authour Wilbur Smith.